Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition 

Totally scary, huh? Combat that peels your face off and makes you slowly crazier and crazier. Sounds fun!

We play at Dragon's Lair on Burnet Road in Austin, Texas every other Saturday. Currently we have 4-6 players that commonly show up. We play from 7pm until Midnight.

The characters started off with the adventure in the basic book, and have progressed to the Paths of the Damned campaign. The party consists of a dwarf town guard, a dwarf tomb robber, a halfling rogue, an elf apprentice mage and a human jailer. Already, The tomb robber has had his face smashed and an eye put out and the halfling rogue has been almost lynched by townies, almost tortured to death by the Church of Sigmar, almost beat to death by human muggers, and almost drowned in human sewage, and has already accumulated 4 insanity points and rightly so. He has charged a mob of mutants with his sling and no armor. He has dived into waste up to his chin with a dagger and no armor to attack a ghoul. How's he still alive? Jeeze, we don't know either!

Paths of the Damned Austinites

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