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Kazbora's Tale

Jeff Recap

It was the end of another long day convalescing at the Temple of
Sigmar. The priests there are kindly folk, but there's only so much a
dwarf can handle in that place. Kaz needed a beer, badly. His face
hurt. Once upon a time that was something he'd say to exaggerate a
particularly harsh day. This time, however, it was no exaggeration and
no turn of phrase. His face really did hurt. The priests could heal
the damage, but the soreness was still there. And his eye itched.
Well, more accurately, the hole that used to hold his eye itched. He
could feel the slimy mucous building up over the freshly healed wound.
It was odd; he knew his eye was gone but he could still feel it. So
the cold dampness of the mucous seemed to be coating the back of his
eyeball. It'll be nice when it scars over and stops oozing. It would
be nice to pack some gauze behind the eye patch, but the priests said
the wound has to air out to heal properly. Otherwise it may get
infected. And that's something he didn't want to deal with; an
infected eye hole.

Kazbora pushed his way to the pub. There was a crowd tonight, like
most nights. Usually he'd just move on, but tonight he had a itch for
their particularly malty brew and no patience to wait in line. What
protests he got for pushing to the front of the crowd were quickly
quelled when they saw the glare from his one remaining eye. The large
scar running from his left cheek, over the bridge of his nose, through
the eye patch, and ending at his right temple, he was sure, helped.

"Pub's full, dwarf, move on," the thug at the front door spat in the
gruffest voice he could manage.

Kazbora swallowed hard to clear his throat and said in a voice that
sounded like the low rumble of a volcano on the verge of eruption,
"Listen you piece of shit townie, it's been a rough few days and if I
don't get enough ale down my throat to make me forget about the pain
in my face, and soon, I'm going to have to start sharing that pain.
And right now I'm thinking to start sharing by pulling your eyes out
with my teeth and sticking your balls in the sockets to see of that
improves your looks!"

He didn't know if it was sympathy, the look of death in his eye, or
the calm matter-of-fact way he said it, but it worked. The guy stepped
aside and let him in. Kaz pushed his way to the bar, climbed onto a
stool and ordered the ale he so desperately needed.

"By Sigmar, what the fuck happened to you, buddy?" somebody asked next
him. Kaz glanced over. It was a human of medium build, in the mail and
tabbard of one of the city watch. He'd say it looked like a young
human, but they were all young.

"Stinking Skaven in your sewers" He replied between gulps of the ale,
trying not spill any of the precious nectar but not caring when he
failed and steady stream flowed out either side of the mug, down his
mustache, and over his ample beard.

The kid laughed. "Skaven, huh? They did that? Hah! Why don't you run
along and let us real soldiers do the fighting?"

"Listen, kid, you're what? 12?.."

"Seventeen," he snapped.

"Huh…17. How many skaven have you encountered, kid?"

"Well, um, none, really."

An older voice spoke out from the other side of the young guard,
"You'll have to forgive Wilhelm, old timer. He's young and still
invincible. Why don't you tell us what happened? Barkeep, that dwarf's
ale is on me."

"Well, we just came in from the countryside, my friends and I,
escorting what was left of our village into town. Encountered a goodly
number of beastmen and other nasties out there…" Kaz paused for a
moment, staring back into the woods, at the demons brought out of the
fire… He shook it off and continued. "Your bossman hired us to
investigate some killings. The trail led to sewers and pointed at
skaven misdoings. So, we went after them. Our first venture below we
encountered more beastmen. Made a right mess of things. The path was
narrow and the tunnels dark. So I took the point, behind my shield,
out in front of the rest of the crew. They're a noisy lot, and I
didn't want to alert whatever was down there to our presence. Problem
being, there's no room to move down there. So I'm out front and my
guys are behind me with no reach. We encounter those beastmen and hold
them back the best I can, taking shots at them with my axe while the
rest of my lot take pot shots at them from behind. Well, we took them
out, but I was too hurt to move on, so we pulled back to get me fixed

"Few days later we're back at it. This time we manage to track the
skaven back to their layer. A small hole in the wall out where the
sewer dumps over the cliff. Once again, a small, tight space. Just big
enough for a dwarf, or that useless pile of flesh halfling that's been
following us around. Our elf friend has to crawl, which makes him as
useless as the halfling. So it's me in front with the shield and axe,
a dwarf brother behind me with his crossbow, going into this hole when
we encounter the little rat shits. We can't push into the cavern
enough to let my party spread out and take out the skaven and I start
taking heavy damage again. So we pull back out to the open area hoping
to bring them out. Turns out they had another way in. They pulled
around the other way and sent in some reinforcements. Had to have been
a dozen of the little bastards. My party engages them in the open
while I try to hold off their reinforcements from flanking us from
this tunnel. Towards the end there I took a rock to the face. It did
this," Kaz motions towards the healing scar and eye patch. "Laid me on
my ass. I though it was it for me. The skaven probably though the same
thing, because when I sat up loading my crossbow, they panicked and
ran. In the end, I think we took out a few of them. Heard from one my
guys they injured their leader pretty bad. But we gotta go back down
there and finish the job!"

Kaz climbed off the stool. "Thanks for the ale. And, uh, don't be
surprised if you find yourselves volunteering to go down there with us
in a day or two. Wilhelm here needs to face hell with whiskers, teach
him some humility. Kid, my recommendation for you; go home fuck your
sister, or whatever it is you humans do for fun, play with your little
inbred children, and enjoy the next couple of days."

And with that Kaz walked out of the tavern and back towards the temple
for his next round of healing.


LMFAO. Go home and fuck your sister, or whatever it is you humans do for fun.
Take an extra 25 xp!

Kazbora's Tale

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