Paths of the Damned Austinites

Methfannar: Scouting the Skaven

Sam Recap

I’m probably one of few mortals who can say they were glad to have finally encountered skaven. 
Take this not as a mark of madness. Rather, it finally means our journeys into the retched sewer system of Middenheim may be coming to an end.
Recently, we were hired to root out some troublesome skavens who had been preying on the fine folks of Middenheim for a while now. And who stole a sacred relic of the Sigmarites.
Unfortunately this meant crawling through a foul series of sewage tunnels, as there is no way these vermin would be allowed to live on the surface world. Not only did we have to deal with the stomach turning stench, but there were other dangerous things in these tunnels. A few days ago for example, we barely survived an encounter with beast men!
Killing these rats meant not having to go down there anymore.
Ironically, our encounter with the rat things was actually above ground, much of it outside! It was a tough fight as they outnumbered us at least two to one. And one of whom was some sort of super skaven. Still inferior to a comparable warrior of any real race, but formidable enough.
It was beginning to look bad. Our shield bearing dwarf nearly got his head crushed. As it was, he still lost an eye. And supposedly his face was shattered (though to be honest dwarves are so damn ugly, I couldn’t tell the difference).
I got too hand it to him though, despite his face falling off, he still kept cranking out bolts. Mind you, he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn at that point. But I'm sure that sight must of terrified the chaos out of the skaven! 
And the halfling accounted for himself as well. He even managed to strike quite a telling blow against the “super” skaven. But to hear him talk, you’d think he single handedly fought the skaven by himself! 
We finally routed the enemy. But as pressed as we were, there was simply no way for us to pursue. The best we can do is report this to the captain, maybe get him to send some men to come with us (maybe even an engineer), and then return back to their lair to clean and/or seal it.
I have no doubt they will be gone by the time we get back. Sigmarite relic and all. But hopefully, with their lair found and their leader “dearmed”, it should be some time before they come back to harass Middenhiem. And hopefully that will be worth some gold from the captain.


Awesome. :D I love the “despite his face falling off…” Take your bonus 25 xp!

Methfannar: Scouting the Skaven

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