Paths of the Damned Austinites

Methfannar's Journal

Sam Recap

The good news is, I finally managed to enroll myself as a student at the nearby university, thought it did cost me quite a bit in bribe money. Greedy humans.

I would of rather of simply found an Elven loremaster to study under. But it appears that I don’t have much choice in the matter. Finding an Elven loremaster in Middenhiem would be like finding a needle in a haystack while blindfolded.

Besides, let’s face it, it would takes decades to learn from an Elven loremaster what I could learn from a human mage in a matter of years. I figure, with my intelligence, I’ll just learn the fundamentals fast and then perfect it as I go along.

Unfortunately, too pay for this education, I now find myself hunting human/rat mutant hybrid things in the Middenhiem sewer system. A system obviously not designed for tall elves.

The price for the heads of these skavens is nice (hence why I’m even bothering to do this). But having to walk mere inches from a river of muck and fecal matter while hunched over is almost unbearable.

To make matters worse, we have yet to find skavens. Instead, we run into other monsters. This time it was a small squad of chaos loving beastmen.

This was a tough battle and we were outnumbered. But fortunately the lead dwarf was carrying a shield. And though he eventually fell, and I ran out of arrows, we prevailed.

Of course, having to fish out the beastmen from the river of sh#@ so we could chop off their heads was far from pleasant. And now we are stuck with the difficulty of trying to carry our bleeding and heavy dwarf comrade out of the sewers to the Temple of Sigmar.

Oh yes, before I forget, apparently the halfling got the sh$# kicked out of him… again. This time muggers from the slums we visited followed him till he was alone and robbed him of everything (including his clothes). And according to the captain, the little bugger should consider himself lucky he wasn’t eaten! Apparently the residents of the slum have taken to being cannibals to survive these rough times! I’ll be damned if I ever step foot in that area of town again!

As for the halfling, he says he wants to become an entertainer. If so, I’d say he’s well on his way. It’s like listening to a weekly story from one of the loremasters. Only this time I show up every day to find out how the heavy bottomed one gets himself beaten up!

I’m betting on the dwarves kicking his teeth in tomorrow.


:D Another 25 xp story done! Hehe.

Methfannar's Journal

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