Paths of the Damned Austinites

Notes for the staged play, "Hunting for Skavens" by Poddwise Smallstones

Chris Recap

It was sheer madness, I tell you!  Stepping into the depths of the very sewers for the second in less than a week! 

The first such instance was disaster enough if it wasn't for me, the mighty halfling with my Mithril  chain shirt and magic short sword.  My companions had all fallen and was literally up to me.  I slayed those chaos beasts single-handedly and with such ease!  When the task was done, I dragged my companions from the sewer to get them the medical healing the badly needed …

…we entered the sewer a second time and the rats' nest of skaven-slime!  The battle was hard fought and MY Dwarfen friend got his face cracked open.  I pulled him to safety on the surface and went back down and had done a mighty blow to the super skaven.  The elf would have folk think it was he whom had done the deed, alas it was I, Poddwise Smallstones!  The super skaven retreated back into …where-ever skavens come from as we made haste to rejoin our fallen dwarf back on the surface I pulled to safety.  The Watch Captain was highly impressed at my deeds, that he awarded me 200 gold for my awesome accomplishments!


Lol! I think we can add “Delusions of Grandeur” to the list of insanities Chris’s character is working on. (-Sam)


lol Yep. But take 25 extra xp anyway, Chris. :D


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