Paths of the Damned Austinites

The Revelation

Finally, the #@$% Elf learns magic.

“Alas, I see!” shouted Methfannar in his head. He almost shouted it out loud, but fortunately stopped himself.

Methfannar was very much on the edge of casting actual spells. He already new how to channel the arcane energies. That was taught to youngling Elves before they could walk. And the language of human magic was very close to Eltharin, the language of Elves (probably in no small part due to who taught the humans how to cast spells to begin with). So there was no real learning curve there.

But it was that last leap to learning actual spells that continued to evade him. And the inferior books they let the students use at the school library was of no help. Methfannar suspected they were meant more to prolong the learning of students, thus forcing their rich families to pay for their slow child to stay a few more semesters all while adding to the school’s coffers.

Plus humans relied so much on formula. For Elves, magic is more of a spiritual or mystical thing. So it went against the grain of everything Methfannar knew to try and cram magic into a formula. It made magic so rigid. Comparing Elven magic to human magic was like comparing a chef that cooked from the heart to a cook that relied on a recipe book and measuring tools.

That’s in part why Methfannar was glad to be on this current adventure. He got a chance to get away from the books for a bit. Plus the chance to be out in the open for a few days after spending so much time in the sewers, was an added bonus.

Methfannar had no idea though that Hoeth would smile upon him this time. For Methfannar had the fortune of traveling with a blind priest of Ulric. Ironically, it was this priest who taught Methfannar how to see.

In their battle with the minotaur, the priest cast a variety of spells with fluidity and grace. He still had that bizarre ritualistic approach that humans rely on. Yet it had that touch of spirituality that is missing in the human’s arcane schools of magic. With this last piece of the puzzle, Methfannar understood what he was missing!

Suddenly, despite the fact that he was about enter what just may be a shrine of Khorne, he couldn’t help but smile.

If Methfannar really knew what he was getting himself into, he would of stopped smiling and start running before it was too late!



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